The Turning Leaf Experience...

When you choose me as your photographer, it's about
than just beautiful images...

read on for more about
my process, my passions,
and what it feels like to be in front of my camera!  

I’m here every step of the way
from location to wardrobe to prints, I'm your right-hand girl. 

I’ll be the happy-chaos ringleader.
I’ll help your husband relax and I'll get to know your kids. 
I'll encourage you to just Enjoy

kind words from people who have been there

Taking the work out of memory-making...

That's My Job: 

I’ll push pause on frantic life and let you SEE the beauty in front of you.

I’ll give you space to feel wonder, joy, and connection. 
I’ll encourage you to forget that I’m here and focus where it matters. 
I’ll remind you what to notice, and allow you to cherish it forever.

Creating space to
help you see...

That's My Job: 

kind words from people who have been there

Your images will display your family honestly and beautifully.  

I'll encourage your natural, quirky selves to shine. 
I'll showcase your personality and story.  
I’ll document intertwined hands, the way her dimpled cheek melts into your shoulder, and how he looks at you. 

Capturing how it
truly feels...

That's My Job: 

kind words from
people who have been there

Moms tell me that they cherish the memories of a day with me that was natural, easy, and completely comfortable. 

That type of experience makes a photo something you’ll want to leave in the frame forever, something to flip through with your children…and someday with theirs... 

Delivering authentic memories...

That's My Job: 

kind words from
people who have been there

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You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!



“I’ve never experienced a more comfortable photo shoot. It felt  like a regular day... just with suggestions from a friend on how to look our best! I cherish our photos because of how authentic they are. You magically capture glimpses into our real-life family dynamic and somehow showcase little pieces of each personality.”


"Photography typically makes me nervous and stiff, but working with Morgan felt like a fun family outing instead of work. I didn’t expect a photo shoot to contain its own sweet memories! These images are among my greatest keepsakes." 


“She’s a true professional, but also so friendly and warm…she understood what it was like to be a new mom and have a newborn, which made everything that much more relaxed.”

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